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Thank you for your interest in finding out about getting a no win no fee 100 percent compensation claim with our personal injury lawyers. Do you know what you will find out here? You can increase the amount of personal injury payment you are compensated. Keep reading and you will find out how. The first important thing to clarify is that . There are no accident management services or car accident agencies. There are no middle men.

Due to the poor service and reputation of how claims, particularly , have initially been processed by those motivated by the high referral fees, many people experienced an extremely stressful period in their lives which often resulted in an unsuccessful personal injury claim. The companies and middlemen literally had and they simply could not cope with the volume of cases or effectively organise the procedure for clients. Or both!

Why Personal Injury Claimants Are Transferring To Us

But you know what else is learnt about those middle men sorting out and reviewing the compensation claims? They had very basic but often inadequate legal knowledge of customer services. You would not like to be told to wait constantly with no idea of what is going on. Would you? No? Well, that is one of many problems what a lot of unhappy injured clients who have switched over to our personal injury lawyers have said. Imagine the time and money lost by people in pursuing their own accident cases; never mind the angry and unproductive exchanges.

Our Top 3 Services

  • Car Accidents

    Being involved in a car accident, whether you were the driver or not, may entitle you to our 101% injury compensation.

  • Accidents At Work

    An accident at work can often leave you with an injury forcing you to take time off work. We may help recover your losses.

  • Trips, Slips & Falls

    If you have suffered from a slip or a fall, then talk to us and see if you are liable to compensation for your injury.

Claim 100 Percent Settlements Direct

A few years back, the government had brought about a significant change. From 1st April 2013, referral fees are no longer legally allowed to be officially specified by car accident management services, law firms, companies, agencies, and even solicitors. So, if you have suffered a personal injury and want to claim for reimbursement, then things are looking good for you.

In other news, it is worth mentioning that accident claim services and even experienced solicitors have sometimes unknowingly handled fraudulent cases which add to the complexity of awarded compensation. They certainly do not help the cause for genuine injured claimants. As an example, the compensation for a staged car accident in Northern Ireland has been fortunately discovered as fake and proves that new procedures in investigating and assessing personal injury claims appear to be effective.

However, ideally no one really wants to be in the situation whereby they suffer a personal injury, especially through no negligent fault of their own. The truth is that there are many instances and places where accidents do happen. Car accidents are most common due to the huge number of vehicles on the road. Sometimes, due to the complex nature of how things occur many people are not aware that they can claim 100 compensation. Look at the facts. Amazingly, it has been known to those in the industry that nearly seventy percent of people who have suffered personal injuries, do not claim! You certainly do not want to be a percentage of that. You have proven that by reading more and looking to see how to apply for damages.

Our Simple Claim Service

  • Provide Injury Details

    All you have to do is just tell us what injury you have and what happened. You can call us or submit an online form.

  • We Work For You

    Once we have all details we need, our expert solicitors will do all the hard work herein to settle your case quickly.

  • Receive Compensation

    Once we have achieved the best outcome for you, you will be informed and a compensation cheque will be sent to you.

You Can Claim Online Anytime!

We appreciate your interest and will make it worthwhile for you to have a HUGE advantage. We are going to show you how to get the maximum 100% compensation and more. As the name reveals, we offer 101%† not just 100% compensation. So you get more than the maximum you can get. Sounds good? It is true and we are unique in doing this. You may wonder how this is feasible for our solicitor firm. We can do this because we have an effective augmented plan in place to keep our costs down. The advantage for us is an advantage for you where we are giving YOU that extra one percent.

Personal Injury Law Update

Presently, personal injury claimants have up to three years to submit an injury claim. This may well change if a concern from a leading professional in the insurance industry has his way. It is suggested that compensation should be based on a sliding scale where the later a claim is presented the less the damages are paid.

The reasoning behind this thought develops from the difficulties faced by insurers to accurately examine evidence of injuries that is more than a year old. Insurers are finding that they are required to pay as later evidence is harder to challenge. This forthcoming story appears to advise that it is worth considering making a claim earlier to ensure that your case is fairly analysed for the best outcome. So as said before which may ring truer than previously thought, ‘don’t delay, claim today’.

Exposure in Search Engines

We aim to make our injury claim service accessible to people in Englnd and Wales through popular search engines. People looking at searches related to 100 compensation claim, 100 compensation no win no fee, accident claim 100 compensation and 100 percent compensation often find themselves noticing our service which appears to offer more than possible.

To Make A Claim, That's It!

You simply claim online through our No Win No Fee application form and our lawyers will do the rest for you. We will contact you regularly to keep you updated and will be available to answer any questions you have about your personal injury process within a reasonable time.

But this begs the question… what are the chances of a claim being 100% successful without the client’s interactions?! Slim. So all we ask from you is that you talk to us when we need you and we will make your compensation claim your advantage! Furthermore, we will listen to you as often as you like when you contact us about your No Win No Fee injury claim.

The intended principles of our good client service are to mesmerise you with how we do things for you. Do you like being impressed? What feeling would best describe it? Happy? Well that is great, because if you judged us by what we do rather by what we say, then your happiness is important to us so that we have great relationships and positive feedbacks.

An Example of our No Win No Fee Claim Service

The filling in of a 100% Claim Form can be stressful because you may feel that if you leave something out then it you may reduce your entitled payment. Discussing what you have provided us with online or via a phone call about the actual accident, we can together at the appropriate time ensure that you have given us all the information we need for a successful outcome.

When we ask questions as we go along, you will find that the information you give reflects upon the stage of the process. This eliminates any details not needed about your accident at the initial stage. We will contact you as soon as we need any further information as your case develops. You are guaranteed to be in the right place for an applicable and comprehensive application for an injury claim.

The limit for personal injury compensation is £1000 for small claims. Are you affected by a minor injury? Get in touch and we will help you.

Definitely More Than 100% Compensation

Remember, we give not 100%, but a whole 101 per cent for compensation claims online for personal injury, work incidents, claims through the small courts and public liability claims. You can claim with us directly for following types of injuries or acccidents. The list is not exhaustive and if your incident type is not mentioned, then please contact or best No Win No Fee injury lawyers and we will tell you explicitly if we can represent for you.

Legally Straight Forward Solicitors

Thank you for taking the time to read this and taking the step to avoid being a statistic. The move to an injury claim with a personal injury solicitor may offer you very little in sentimental terms, but the benefits are extensive, and would cover a wide range of individual factors. We do not offer massive cash advances as an incentive to 'reel' you in to deduct from your awarded payment. You will find that more than likely, the settled amount is usually paid days after you receive the cash advance, which would render the suggested advantage as impractical.

With No Win No Fee, how much do they take is not a question that needs to be asked - nothing needs to be paid to our solicitors which makes our services accessible. For an honest and straightforward 100% compensation claim with a little extra you can now personally take the next step below to liaisie with our experienced and best personal injury lawyers with no obligations during the first consultation.

Your Options To Compensation

  • Submit Claim For Assistance

    All you have to do is just tell us some details of what and where it happened so that we help you understand your rights.

  • Request A Callback

    Often in some injury cases it can be difficult to explain in writing so we give you the chance to talk by calling you upon request.

  • Contact For Claim Information

    Enquire online by using our contact form about any questions you may have about your compensation or a related issue.