What Are Hazards in the Workplace?

A health and safety training is almost compulsory in most places when you commence a new job or career. The purpose of this type of preparation is to make you aware of the dangers in your workplace, how to prevent any accidents and know what procedures to follow in case of an emergency. Employers are offered a sense of security through training which equips their staff to best identify and manage any risks in the work environment that can cause an injury.

However, no matter how experienced and trained you are at your job, accidents do happen in the workplace that you are not to blame for. It is easy to miss the warning signs when you are busy or if it is unexpected and you have not been prepared.

To help you we have listed 4 common hazards in the workplace that you can be aware of. It may highlight risks that you were unaware of and we hope that it prevents an unnecessary accident or injury.

1. Physical Hazards

Objects and items around the workplace can become physical hazards if there is a chance that it may cause a trip, slip or a fall resulting in a personal injury. Common things are parcels, belongings left out, wiring, split fluids, paper and machinery not properly secured.

2. Chemical Hazards

Employees who are exposed to chemicals in their workplace are at risk of chemical hazards. Chemicals are dangerous and can cause serious harm to people. For example, exposure to asbestos is not immediately obvious as the consequential conditions which develop over long periods usually ends in death. Symptoms can include lung problems and skin irritation.

3. Ergonomic Hazards

Ergonomic hazards are the physical aspects in your work setting that can harm or injure your body. It does depend on the type of work involved and the stress it puts on your musculoskeletal system. This is apparent in jobs that have manual handling, repetitive tasks, incorrect body positioning from seat arrangements and poor design, and unsuitable table settings.

4. Biological Hazards

There are jobs that require you to work with animals and contagious plant materials. The risks accompanying these types of work are known as biological hazards. You can expect the associated risks in laboratories and medical facilities where the cause of harm can come from substances such as bacteria, mould, fluids, excrement and other extracted matters. Other places can be sources of biological hazards, such as schools, colleges, health shops and care homes.

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