5 Most Common Holiday Injuries and Accidents

Throughout the year in the UK, there are quite a few seasonal holidays. There are Christmas, Easter, Summer and even religious holidays. People do different things for their holidays; some may spend vacations with families and friends, whereas others may go abroad for that dream getaway. Whatever you do, it is important that you be careful as you enjoy your time off so that you do not end up in an unfortunate accident or be injured.

Here we have listed 5 most common holiday accidents and how to avoid them:

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1. Road Traffic Accidents

Car accidents are becoming much more common nowadays. Did you know that there are 5 deaths a day from road traffic accidents? There has been a connection made to the number of fatalities happening in the holiday periods. As there are more drivers on the road getting ready, departing or even arriving to the destination for their vacation, there appears to be an increase of accidents. Bring in alcohol to the mix and the figures rise higher. This is no surprise with many parties that are arranged over the festive periods.

Often, car accidents are caused by visually impaired drivers and the probability is 3 times more in the evening or night time when vision is difficult. Eyesight problems become widespread as people age and it is estimated that around 3% of drivers currently on the road would fail the required sight standard necessary to drive.

Another high ranking factor that contributes to road traffic accident is the weather. Bad weather makes the conditions difficult to drive in and much harder to control a vehicle safely. There is evidence that extreme weather will cause major impacts on the road and usually ends in a multiple vehicle collision.

How to avoid car accidents

Legally, in the UK you must not drink and drive. This is a good rule to follow regardless of which country you are in. You will not be in fit state to control a vehicle. Be aware of how much alcohol you are consuming. Get a taxi or someone you know to drive you home or back to the hotel.

In bad weather conditions, try and avoid going outside. Only drive if absolutely necessary and allow for plenty of time to reach your destination as you should travel slowly. Follow these tips to remain safe when travelling:

2. Trip or Fall Accidents

A common denominator in most fall accidents is a ladder. Ladder incidents far exceed the number of stairs, furniture or other trip and fall accidents. Many hundreds of people are treated for injuries from a fall every year, often when preparing decorations for the holidays. The common injuries are bruises, fractures, concussions, muscle strains and cuts as stated by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

How to prevent a fall

It is important to take safety precautions to prevent any fall accidents. Where a ladder is involved, make sure that it is the correct type and can clearly reach the area where work is to be carried out. During your holidays, be careful and keep your distance when walking past any ladders to avoid being struck from above. See our other tips below to keep safe:

3. Risk of Electric Shocks

Electric shocks are more common during the holiday season, mainly near the end of the year. Holiday preparations can take its toll and lead to rushing in putting up electrical decorations which can become incorrectly installed, even by qualified engineers. Research has shown that hundreds of people are treated for electric shock and related injuries each year. Electric current is dangerous and can cause burns, heart failure, muscle and nerve damage.

Taking precautions with electrical components

There is always a necessity to take precautions when working with or using electrical components, otherwise it can cause serious injuries. Here we have a list of pointers to prevent electrical accidents:

The usual symptoms to an electric shock which happens after being in contact with an electrical energy source are breathing difficulties, cardiac arrest, thermal burns and unconsciousness. If you come across someone with suspected electric shock, you should try to remove any electrical wiring or turn off the source of energy safely. This must be done before first aid is carried out.

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4. Back Injury from Luggage Handling

Going on holidays will no doubt mean that almost all holidaymakers will handle a piece of luggage. Lifting heavy luggage require you to bend your knees and lift with your leg muscles. It puts less strain on your back. However, many fail to adopt this simple technique when travelling and end up with back pains or other related injuries. It is reported by Daily Mail that 1 in 3 travellers suffer from injuries at airports where 50% of them will blame luggage for their misfortunes.

Preventative Action

It is important to handle luggage carefully to prevent back injuries. We have listed some recommendations in handling baggage whilst on your holiday or vacation:

Luggage handling injury can cause serious damage to the spine as well and if a person has collapsed from suspected spinal injury, do not move them. Wait for medical help. You can recognise a person who has sustained a back or spinal injury by a head injury and if they are drifting in and out of consciousness. They may even feel extreme pain in their back or neck area, or even the opposite where the affected area has become numb or weak. Another concern would be strange positioning of the back or neck.

5. Cuts from Opening Presents

During the holiday season, people wrap and unwrap presents. However, it is a cause for cut injuries. It is a more common injury than you may believe. In the US, it is estimated that over 6 thousand victims are treated for lacerations each year. That is a lot of people hurt for simply giving and receiving gifts.

Be careful with your presents

We understand that getting a present is an exciting time. Remember to stay calm when unwrapping and you can appreciate the joy of opening your surprise without cutting yourself. Do not get stressed when a present does not open easily. Be constructive in your approach and try to avoid using sharp instruments to open the gifts. Remember to think about safety in the first instance.

What to do if you come across an accident or injury

Try not to panic. It is important to remain calm and be prepared to take action, but you must keep yourself safe as well so that you are able to deal with the situation. As a first aider, you may recognise the following procedure to assist in an unfortunate event.

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