Accident and Injury at School Claim

Accidents in schools do happen and are fairly frequent occurrences. If you or a child has sustained an injury from an accident at school, then a compensation claim may be made. Accidents in schools extend to accidents at colleges, universities, academies and even in a nursery. It can happen to a range of people and is not exclusive to children. Parents and teachers can suffer injuries at schools, as well as the many other personnel on site including visitors, i.e. those attending meetings and events.

If your accident at school, college, university, or a similar establishment has happened due to negligence, then 101% Compensation Claims can represent your claim for injury. A lot of these types of claims are a result of slips and trips due to neglect in maintenance of property and equipment. Some accidents in schools are classed as sporting accidents, whereas some can be criminal. Whatever the reason and the circumstances, 101% Compensation is available for a no obligation initial consultation.

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How to Report an Accident at School

Remember, when a child is injured at school it must be reported and recorded in the accident or incident book. It is not uncommon for teachers and welfare assistants to report the incidents they have seen. Each establishment will have their own accident at school procedure, and for your injury claim to be successful, it is recommended that all details of the accident should be reported, including any witnesses. Evidence, such as a photograph, can be crucial to prove negligence and if possible, take picturess of the accident area before any defective element is removed or eliminated.

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