Making a Compensation Claim for Arsenic Poisoning

Impact of Arsenic Poisoning

Arsenic poisoning is a medical condition which is caused by high and dangerous levels of arsenic in the body. A small amount of arsenic exposure can affect the skin, liver, nerves and the circulatory system. A much larger amount can lead to death.

Arsenic is a natural metallic chemical that is found in groundwater and usually has no smell or flavour. It is difficult to detect and often in some places around the world, water can contain unsafe levels of arsenic.

Medical advice should be sought if you believe that you may have come in contact with arsenic. You may be asked to undergo blood tests and provide urine samples to determine the level of arsenic in your system. Treatment can be recommended to reduce the impact of arsenic poisoning.

Did you know research claims that over 140 million people around the world may be affected by arsenic through contaminated drinking water?

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Have You Been Exposed to Arsenic At Work?

Arsenic can be found in many different industries. It can be in the form of a by-product of some processes or within a compound used in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and electronics. Those using pesticides or other liquids and gases can also ingest harmful levels of arsenic.

Have you been exposed to arsenic at work because safety precautions were not in place? Maybe, you claim exposure to arsenic from poor disposal procedures whether at work or in public.

You may have come across COSHH in the workplace, which is short for The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. What it means for you is that your employer is bound by the extensive regulations to protect people from exposure to chemicals and other dangerous substances in the working environment. Failure to comply with the legal rules is mostly determined as negligent and can bring about an injury compensation claim against the employer.

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