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Head Injury

Severe head injuries with major brain damage (vegetative state) resulting in little or no speech, little or no response to surroundings and require 24hr nursing care can be compensated for from

£210,000 to £300,000

At the other end of the spectrum, although a broad area where minor head injury is concerned, it can affect taste, smell, leave scarring and cause psychological changes. Victims with minor head injuries with little or no brain damage can claim compensation of

£1,600 to £9,000

Epilepsy that is established from an accident or personal injury and causes other problems will attract compensation payout of

£40,00 to £114,000

Upper Body & Back Injuries

Severe back injuries which do not involve paralysis can be payable from

£69,000 to £122,000

Minor back injuries including sprains and soft tissue injuries from which a complete recovery within 5 years has been made with no surgery can be compensated for from

£6,000 to £9,500

Foot Injuries

Amputation of both feet will result in compensation awarded from

£128,000 to £153,000

Minor foot injuries, for example fractures or contusions can result in awards of up to


For toe injuries the figures are slightly less, for example minor toe injuries can be compensated for up to


Leg Injuries

Amputation of both legs above the knee and unable to accomodate an effective prosthesis can be awared from

£183,000 to £214,000

The soft tissue injuries and simple fractures from which a complete recovery has been made will qualify for compensation of up to


Hand Injury

The loss of both hands due to a serious injury will qualify for an award of

£107,000 to £153,000

Serious hand injury with major loss of use of the limb

£22,000 to £47,000

The minor injuries involving fingers and thumbs are complex with different amounts awarded for various injuries. Please contact us for more information.

Arm Injury

Amputation of both arms which renders a person considerably helpless is liable to payments of

£183,000 to £228,000

At the other spectrum, a simple fracture of the forearm area can result in claims of

£5,000 to £14,000

Neck Injury

Neck injuries range widely and are normally connected to back and shoulder problems. Severe neck injuries can be the result of where a claimant has restricted movement in the neck despite wearing a collar support 24 hours a day for a period of years. Compensation can be in the region of


Minor neck injuries which depend on a swift full recovery can be compensated for from

£600 to £10,450

Shoulder Injury

Those with severe shoulder injuries resulting in significant disability can claim for compensation from

£14,000 to £36,000

Minor shoulder soft tissue injury with considerable pain and recovery established less than 2 years after incident can be claimed for from

£2,850 to £6,000

Hearing Loss and Deafness

Total deafness can be awarded compensation of up to


Severe tinnitus and partial hearing loss. The top end of the range will be applicable where there is a high level of tinnitus with hearing loss.

£22,600 to £34,600

Minor hearing loss where there is occasional tinnitus can result in claims from

£5,600 to £9,500

Knee Injury

Severe knee injury where there has been disruption of the joint, loss of function and a treatment has taken place can be awarded compensation from

£53,000 to £73,000

With minor injuries to the knee where recovery has been complete the amount awarded for compensation can be up to


Hip Injury

Serious pelvis fractures involving, for example, low back joint dislocation and a bladder ruptured, or a hip injury resulting in serious damage to a low back joint with unbearable pain are part of the severe hip and pelvis injuries category. These injuries are claimable from

£59,000 to £99,000

The more minor injuries with little or no disability can be compensated for up to



Whiplash or soft tissue injury where full recovery is made within 3 months.

£300 to £1,860

Whiplash injury where full recovery is made from 3 months to 1 year.

£1,860 to £3,300

Vibration White Finger

Vibration white finger which affects both sides in a younger individual resulting a change in work.

£24,000 to £29,000

Vibration white finger which causes symptoms in cold temperatures.

£6,500 to £12,000

*These figures are to be used for guidance only and does not take into account of any addditonal losses such as recovery care, support care or loss of earnings. The values have been rounded off and are based on the Judicial Studies Board, the official standard for personal injury compensation.

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