Defective Product Injury Claim

Any product that is faulty or dangerous and has caused an injury to you or someone close to you, then you may be entitled to claim compensation. Many faulty items can fall into this category where they are unfit for purpose or not made as per design specification.

Most defective products are usually household appliances or furniture, gardening and DIY products and cosmetic products. Other items that can be included are toys and food items and things around the house such as detergents, spray cans, etc.

A defective product claim is usually handled by our specialist Consumer Law solicitors under the area of products liability. They deal comprehensively with Consumer Law and are knowledgeable in consumer protection in regards to purchasing and selling products in the UK. They can advise you of your rights as a consumer and liaise with the Office of Fair Trading to protect you from faulty goods purchase.

Our Simple Claim Service

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    All you have to do is just tell us what injury you have and what happened. You can call us or submit an online form.

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    Once we have all details we need, our expert solicitors will do all the hard work herein to settle your case quickly.

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    Once we have achieved the best outcome for you, you will be informed and a compensation cheque will be sent to you.

Do you want to claim for an injury due to a defective item?

Your defective or faulty goods purchase may be subject to conditions of other laws, for example Product Liability Law, Sales of Goods Act and the Consumer Protection Act. It is necessary to be aware of what impact each have to a consumer and how it may affect the compensation claim. Our solicitors will assess your case and implement the correct strategy to act effectively for you.

So, whether you have been injured by a faulty, defective or a dangerous product, then rest assured that a specialist Consumer Law solicitor will act in your best interests to win 100% compensation with an extra one added to the award. Remember we operate on a no win no fee basis and will not ask you to pay a penny.

Your Options To Compensation

  • Submit Claim For Assistance

    All you have to do is just tell us some details of what and where it happened so that we help you understand your rights.

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    Often in some injury cases it can be difficult to explain in writing so we give you the chance to talk by calling you upon request.

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