Eye Injury Compensation Claims

Eyesight is a cherished sense that defines the world we live in. It is fundamental to identify the key points in our lives and share it with our loved ones. A loss of sight is distressing and can have an impact on your independence.

As we age, it is found that our eyesight will slowly deteriorate and many people accept this as a natural part of becoming old. Frequently, some may suffer from illnesses that can affect the vision or the eye such as cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration. There are treatments available in the UK to help with these conditions if diagnosed before a certain degree of loss as well as having a range of equipment to lessen the effect of visual impairment.

The Impact To Sight

A serious eye injury can also affect the eyesight where a person is unable to see as expected or restrict their vision field. The ability to work, socialise and to complete everyday tasks can become severely difficult due to loss of co-ordination. The damage may heal in time or become a long term condition.

No Win No Fee Claims for compensation can be launched for an eye injury caused by a negligent person where you can an insurance payout for loss of eyesight or impaired vision.

What happens if you injure your eye and want to claim?

From experience we know that claiming eye injury compensation can vary case to case. The individual factors involved can complicate matters and extend the time it takes to complete a claim. It is advised that you instruct a qualified and expert personal injury solicitor to file for damages and losses. The law is quite extensive and although many personal injury claims are somewhat clear in the guidelines it follows, they are subject to many technicalities which only a legal representative can reason with effectively.

If you have been sustained an eye injury due to somebody else who were negligent in their actions, then you may have the right to claim compensation against the liable third party. This will regain your financial position and compensate for the suffering you have endured. It will also take into account the effect on your financial position in the future and where sight is totally lost, the cost of necessary care and equipment to cope with daily living.

Our Specialities

  • Medical Negligence

    A medical negligence is not always easy to establish. If things have not gone quite right for you then tell us about it.

  • Industrial Diseases

    If you feel that you have been exposed to harmful substances at your work, you may get Industrial Disease compensation.

  • Asbestos Claims

    Our qualified solicitors can advise you if your lung cancer is the result of asbestos exposure which you can claim for.

2 Types of Injury To The Eye

An eye injury can range from a simple scratch to the cornea which clears up after a short while to a more serious impact resulting in loss of sight. Eye injuries can be categorised into 2 separate areas:

1. Accidental injury is when you hurt your eye at work, in a road traffic accident, at the supermarket or even whilst playing sport.

2. Medical injury is more specifically medical negligence caused usually by a healthcare professional. The skilled staff can be responsible for injury through a substandard surgery, misdiagnosis, incorrect dispensing of medication or other clinic related care tasks.

1. Accidental Eye Injuries At Work Or Other Places

The party responsible for your accidental injury will vary according to where the incident happened. Usually, an employer is held liable for a workplace injury if negligence can be proven, for example failure to train personnel in using dangerous equipment correctly. Employees are under the protection of the Health and Safety at Work Act legislation which enforces employers to take reasonable steps to keep everyone safe.

Where a victim sustains an eye injury in a car accident, it is likely that the driver who caused the accident is held accountable, although this is not always clear in some circumstances. To help strengthen a compensation claim, all essential details should be obtained, see our help page for further information. By instructing a solicitor, an independent medical examination can be arranged through the official Medco portal to build a strong case against the third party for your eye injury.

We recommend that you provide as much information you can about the accident to help increase the chances of your eye injury claim. Do include any pictures of the scenes and the surrounding area, police reference numbers, medical records, copy of workplace incident record entry, witnesses, video footage, expenses and anything else that may be relevant.

2. Medical Negligence Eye Injuries

Medical negligence cases for personal injuries are one of the more challenging types of claims that can take a while to settle. A lot of the time the legal particulars are up against colossal groups such as the Nation Health Service and require substantial evidence to challenge all aspects of the defendants’ differing professional views.

You have the right to ask for compensation claimed against the medical professional who caused the harm to the important sense that controls your vision. It does matter where it may have happened, whether in an optician or a specialist eye hospital; you may still be a victim of professional negligence entitling you to pursue for damages based on the fact that the drop in care standards was unreasonable and caused the eye injury.

What is a Bolam Test?

The Bolam Test came about from the English tort law and is instrumental in medical negligence events. It recognises reasonable expectation in the duty of care between a medical practitioner and a patient. If the level of care from the medical staff falls below the expected standards then it is regarded as negligent. Yet, the same substandard treatment can be reliant on testimony from another doctor or expert who if endorses the procedure then no breach of care is assumed.

The wider issue here is that, in courts that use the Bolam Test would now be more flexible in their methods to prove disregard to care. It is becoming ordinary to demonstrate that the affected practitioner was negligent if there is failure in advising the patient of the risks involved in their treatment, as seen in some laser eye operations.

Take Action To Rebuild Your Life

If you have had your eye injured by someone else who was to blame, then get in touch with our expert solicitors to discuss your options to pursue a No Win No Fee compensation claim. We work hard to win your cases using our experience and expertise in personal injury law. From the evidence we have seen, we know that the sooner you start, the sooner you can use the awarded money to restore your living as much as possible.

Your Options To Compensation

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