Food Poisoning Compensation

Food poisoning is not always dangerous and may just cause a little discomfort. As more unsafe strains of food poisoning raise their ugly heads, they are enough to leave victims pining for help when in serious pain. It can be dangerous as it can cause death in extreme circumstances.

Help is at hand if your case of food poisoning was caused by a food place. Our expert solicitors can file a claim against those responsible for your suffering and get the best compensation. Our holiday sickness department are already experienced in food poisoning cases; therefore you will be able to get all expenses covered as well. This includes loss of income where applicable, medical costs and even transport fares.

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So what is the advantage of claiming for food poisoning with 101% Compensation? Well, we still offer 100% compensation settlements and add an extra 1 per cent so that you get more. We are the first to offer this deal online and have grown as a recognised personal injury claims service on the web with this great feature. We cover all sickness claims and our specialist lawyers are always ready to offer legal advice.

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Procedure to submitting a claim

Once you are ready to begin your food poisoning claim, complete the claim form online or call us. You need to inform us of your symptoms for food poisoning, when and where you ate the suspect food. With the details provided, we will build up a file and after assessing the all the specifics, you will be informed if you should proceed with a compensation claim. If this is the case, our legal representative will offer you the No Win No Fee agreement, where applicable, so that you have nothing to lose.

How does food poisoning happen?

Food poisoning is the result of eating food or drinking water that is contaminated. Food contamination can be caused by chemicals, pesticides, and bacteria such as salmonella and e-coli, viruses such as Norovirus or other parasites. They do not always affect the appearance or the flavour of food or drink, which makes it difficult to know if it has been tainted.

6 common symptoms of food poisoning:

  • 1. Vomiting
  • 2. Diarrhoea
  • 3. Fever
  • 4. Nausea
  • 5. Stomach pain
  • 6. Fatigue

In the unfortunate event of having food poisoning at a food establishment or falling ill after drinking unsafe water, contact us to see if we can hold the establishment liable for your suffering. It has become much simpler to claim compensation within the guidelines of the consumer protection legislations. It is a legal requirement for retailers to trade edible products that are safe to eat and have taken precautions to prevent contamination.

Holiday Sickness Claims

Food poisoning can happen when you go on holiday. It is not nice and can ruin your vacation. You can claim 100% compensation for holiday illness. We have already completed many such sickness claims and it allowed our clients to go another holiday at a later stage with the compensation they received. If you have suffered from a sickness whilst abroad or even at home after the holiday, there are travel laws that apply to protect holidaymakers from things like food poisoning.

Have a free consultation with a specialist lawyer to see if you can get a settlement in your favour for your claim. We can guide you through the whole process or provide legal advice when you get in touch.

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