Forklift Injury Compensation Claim

Driving a forklift truck is not easy. Many people get injured in fork lift truck incidents. Statistics suggest that on average more than 40 people are injured in this way. A further analysis of these figures will show that almost half of these injuries are inflicted upon pedestrians and alarmingly, a person is killed every six weeks in a forklift accident.

Certainly, the risks in using fork lift trucks are considerably evident and the Fork Lift Truck Association demonstrate a high emphasise on safety in the use of such machinery to avoid harm. However, even with health and safety regulations in place for the operations of dangerous equipment in the workplace, there are still people being injured almost daily.

Forklift Truck Responsibilities

Are you one of the people who have been injured in a forklift truck accident? Whether you were the driver of the truck or someone close by, you may be entitled to compensation if the forklift was not operated correctly or maintained accordingly.

Fork lift trucks are to be examined thoroughly on an annual basis and include checking vital lifting mechanisms, hydraulics, steering and brakes. Owners of forklift trucks are legally obliged to carry out and ensure that only a competent person performs these inspections. The inspections are to be recorded and kept secure to comply with any external examinations.

Failure of the steps required to keep, operate and maintain a forklift truck can lead to a dangerous situation and cause harm. If you know or may be doubtful of an incompetence that inflicted your injury then you may be in a position to submit a claim.

Often it is not always clear which lapsed responsibility caused a forklift accident. We advise you to contact us if you are unsure. We cannot stress enough how important a phone call or email may become to establish if you have a valid claim. You may not be aware of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 which regulates how a risk assessment is carried out to protect those in the workplace. See the examples below for guidance.

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Making A Fork Lift Accident Claim

Living a life suffering due to a fork lift injury which was not your fault and is a result of negligence can have an adverse impact on your wellbeing. The same principle applies to you whether you were the driver of the forklift truck or someone in the vicinity of where these machineries operate. Someone will have a duty of care to uphold health and safety in the workplace. Any miscarriage of this responsibility will make them accountable and liable to compensate for damages.

The viability of your fork lift injury claim is reliant on various factors as demonstrated earlier and if you feel that there is a possibility of your right of an entitlement, then contact us. We can advise you of your case and after careful consideration with your agreement begin your fork lift accident compensation claim.

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