Hearing Loss Compensation Claim

Do you love to hear music? Perhaps you like the sound of nature or listening to a conversation? You may take it for granted, but our hearing is important to ensure that we can enjoy the simple things we like to listen to. Many of us work in a noisy environment and have accustomed or compensated to the higher level of sound without being too concerned by it.

Did You Work In A Noisy Environment?

Some people may have experienced working in a noisy environment and gone deaf for a short while. Things may appear to be back to normal soon after. The terminology for this circumstance is auditory fatigue and is also known as temporary threshold shift. Did you suffer from a temporary hearing loss? Has it extended to a permanent loss? Without a full recovery from a temporary hearing loss you may have become a victim of Noise Induced Hearing Loss. Contact us with further details so that we can advise you of a valid compensation claim or of the hearing loss time limit.

Hearing Loss Claims At Work

An audiologist can tell you that our hearing is important to us and just like everything else it needs to be looked after. Excessive noise affects the hearing to cause gradual hearing loss or a more permanent damage which can become expensive with the use of hearing aids. Working in a noisy environment or industry over a prolonged period can cause noticeable loss of audible range. You know this if you cannot hear people in a group and are having to ask others to repeat themselves. Maybe you are beginning to turn the radio up louder to hear your song or radio presenter.

Numerous people in the UK have already claimed compensation for noise induced hearing loss through our claims service. However, many people have still not claimed and are affected by hearing loss which is also known as Industrial Deafness. Those at risk are workers in noisy industries such as engineering, road maintenance, metalwork, shipbuilding, factories and many other areas of noisy work.

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Impact Of Hearing Loss

You may have suffered from auditory loss whilst working in a noisy work environment. You may find life more difficult in hearing normal everyday things like the TV. You can claim compensation for your hearing loss. It can help you to purchase specialist equipment to regain some of your hearing again. This is possible even if you no longer work or have moved on to another environment.

And on what basis can you claim compensation for and how long does it take for a hearing loss claim?

Causes Of Hearing Loss

101% Compensation can establish that your employers may have exposed you to the risk of losing your hearing from excessive noise. The Health and Safety Act states that, legally employers must protect their employees from harm and this includes taking precautions in reducing noise in a loud environment. 101% Compensation can advise you of the logistics of a successful claim in order for you to make the decision in accepting expert representation.

To further protect employees from exposure to high noise levels in the work environment, The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 legislation has been implemented to cover all professions. So, whether you are working in engineering, construction, mining or factories, you should expect your employer to keep noise to a safe level. It is dictated that anything over 80dB is excessive and should be reduced or if necessary suitable ear defenders should be provided.

The main causes of losing your hearing which can be compensated for are excessive noise exposure, head or ear injury and even some diseases.

Did you know on average it takes ten years for people to take action for their hearing loss.

Support For Hearing Loss

There are many support groups and hearing loss claims forums where victims of auditory loss come together to share their stories and learn from each other.

It is helpful for many to talk to others in similar circumstances and review what they have gone through to get their hearing loss compensation payouts.

Speak to us about the laws that protect you from any difficult situations you may experience.

Learn about coping strategies online and from the support groups.

Find out about the latest devices that can help you, such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, loop systems, captioning, and others that improve your life.

Tinnitus Claims

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Tinnitus is often characterised as hearing sounds from inside your head. The common type of sound is ringing in the ears, although some can hear humming, buzzing, whistling or music. Sounds in rhythm with the pulse are known as pulsatile tinnitus.

Tinnitus brought on by excessive noise damage is referred to as noise induced tinnitus and is normally associated with the buzzing sound. Often, victims find it difficult to sleep which in turn can increase anxiety and lead to depression. Many people experience a decline in quality of life and find it demanding to do simple things like watching TV or read a book.

An injury to the head or ears can also cause tinnitus to develop. In some cases, victims of whiplash have reported suffering severe tinnitus after their injury and find problems in executing daily tasks or even to relax.

Unfortunately, no real cure is available for tinnitus. There are many places that claim to alleviate the sufferings via special devices but the effect for each individual will vary. Has your hearing loss or injury led to developing tinnitus? We can advise on your legal options to be compensated for your misery.

Acoustic Shock Compensation Claims

Are you suffering from Acoustic Shock and want to know if you can claim compensation? Well, it is likely that you can but you need to contact us to see if you meet the criteria for hearing loss award entitlement.

What is an Acoustic Shock?

Acoustic shock is a disorder where a person hears sudden and unexpected sounds in the ear. The kind of sound heard will vary person to person and the field of work you may be in. Such sudden noises can cause instant shock and anguish leaving the victim feeling upset, confused and alarmed or even panicky.

What Triggers an Acoustic Shock?

It is not unheard of to hear feedback from microphone, screams, gunfire, telephone tones or sirens to trigger the Acoustic Shock. Most of these sounds are High Pitched Tones (HPT) and is often heard as a continuous noise. Research has claimed that the consequence of Acoustic Shock is when a muscle in the middle ear contracts involuntarily to disturb hearing.

Who Can Claim for Acoustic Shock?

Many of our claimants for Acoustic Shock are normally telephone operators in call centres or mobile device users where they have been subjected to High Pitched Tones (HPT) sounds quite frequently. There is a higher proportion for those that wear headsets but listening to callers at high volume has been successfully contended in court as a contributory risk. As long as you have the condition caused by external factors wherever you work or worked in the past, let us provide advice of your entitlement.

Other Symptoms of Acoustic Shock

The symptoms of Acoustic Shock Injury do vary between our hearing loss claimants. The main signs are pain in the ear, vestibular disturbance, tinnitus, nausea, headaches and hyperacusis. The less common indications are echo, sense of pressure in the ear and balance, tingling or fluttering, anxiety and hearing sensitivity.

Acoustic Shock Claim

Acoustic Shock prevention is something every employer should have considered where there is a risk of hearing damage. Many call centres have headsets for Acoustic Shock protection which attempts to guard from excessive noise. The built in software automatically adjusts the sound to a safe level when required. Other industries have their own special measures to combat hearing injury.

If you suffer from Acoustic Shock, then we will look into whether your employer has taken reasonable actions to prevent it. Send us your details for an Acoustic Shock compensation using our online form or call us on 0800 2922 182 for an informal chat.

Claiming Hearing Loss Compensation

You may be worried about your hearing after working in a noisy environment and asking "can I claim for hearing loss?" or if you are not sure whether you have a valid Industrial Deafness claim. You will be welcomed to be assessed by our professional practitioners to ascertain a hearing loss which you may be able to claim compensation for. Take action now to confirm your decline in auditory range and see if you are entitled to compensation for noise induced hearing loss. Choose one of the following to communicate with an Occupational Deafness Solicitor:

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