Holiday Sickness Compensation Claims

Have you suffered from an illness during your vacation or a holiday sickness bug? As specialists in holiday illness, sickness and injury claims, we can get you the maximum 100% compensation and offer you more so that you get a unique 101% compensation.

We deal with many holiday sickness and diarrhea cases for those who go abroad and have been hit with food poisoning. We can recover compensation for you to compensate for the time you lost whilst ill. The precious time taken to go on a holiday is not always easy to replace in the same year, therefore we understand how frustrating it can be when you do not enjoy your break due to unnecessary sickness.

Our holiday sickness claims can be completed through our No Win No Fee arrangement where you are at an advantage to pay no fees regardless of the legal outcome.

With this agreement, we also let you keep all your settlement without taking any optional but entitled 25% deduction. What this means for you is that you can get 100% Holiday Illness Compensation, and that’s before we even add our unique 1% extra.

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Who is accountable for your Holiday Illness?

Have you already complained to your holiday provider? After holiday diarrhea, you may have sought help from the tour guide or a trusted person. However, if you are in dispute or considering your legal options, then call or use our online forms to simply find out if you are legally entitled to claim for Holiday Illness or Sickness Bug. We do not charge for this initial consultation.

How much compensation you get for illness or food poisoning will depend on various factors. We will review each holiday sickness claim and then offer a more accurate estimate of what you may be awarded. Consider the fact even food poisoning is broken down into many categories and each will attract a set range of settlement figures. See the examples below for guidance:

Whether you suffered from food poisoning, had diarrhoea or a bug on a package or all inclusive holiday, our specialist solicitors can help you every step of the way. We also cover sickness on a cruise ship and will secure the most compensation you can get from the insurers.

Sick On Holiday, Claim It Back

The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 cover you when you book a package holiday with a UK tour operator. It makes the tour operator responsible for all the different aspects of your package holiday. These include your transport, hotel or accommodation and food whilst on holiday. In case of sickness, illness or an injury caused by service not to expected standards during your holiday, the law allow for 100% compensation to be claimed.

I used a local tour operator to book my holiday. Can I still claim for Holiday Sickness?

We have already been involved in cases with major package holiday companies including Co-operative Travel, Direct Holidays, Thomas Cook, Thomson, First Choice, Skytours, Teletext Holidays and Low Cost Holidays. Whether you use a major or a much smaller firm to book a holiday online or at a branch, the same The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 legislation will apply to all UK tour operators.

I had a stomach upset on my holiday and want to claim compensation

To claim for a stomach upset when travelling abroad will depend on your circumstances and where you were in the world. Most of the time, it is possible to get compensation for your holiday sickness where negligence can be proven for your stomach upset. Food poisoning and noro virus are common problems in hotels, resorts and cruise ships where subsequently many people are affected from eating at buffet style arrangements. Speak to our solicitors and we will guide you through the process.

Are bedbug bites at my accommodation covered?

If you have been unlucky enough to get accommodation with bedbugs from your UK tour operator, you may be able to claim compensation. Bedbug’s bites are not pleasant causing a skin reaction and can leave and blisters. Red itchy bumps can occur a day or up to a week later. Some people can suffer psychologically through insomnia, anxiety, bad dreams and flashbacks.

What happens if I had a slip injury poolside?

Slipping around the swimming pool is a common cause of injury for many people who go abroad. You may be entitled to compensation if you or a family member has been injured as the result of a slip accident in or around your hotel due to negligence. The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 will hold the tour or hotel operator responsible for the accident if there is a lack of reasonable service in keeping the pool area safe. Contact us about your slip accident and we will advise you of your entitlement.

Your Options To Compensation

  • Submit Claim For Assistance

    All you have to do is just tell us some details of what and where it happened so that we help you understand your rights.

  • Request A Callback

    Often in some injury cases it can be difficult to explain in writing so we give you the chance to talk by calling you upon request.

  • Contact For Claim Information

    Enquire online by using our contact form about any questions you may have about your compensation or a related issue.