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You may have come across industrial disease through exposure to dangerous substances or through working in specified conditions or practises over a length of time. If you have worked with asbestos, then you are likely to develop distressing conditions such as asbestosis. If you have been involved in mining, then you may suffer from Vibration White Finger and Hearing Loss through affecting factors in the relevant industry.

Employees can expect employers to look after them as legally they have a duty of care towards them. Employers are accountable for their workplace and to reasonably minimise risks. This includes implementing health and safety strategies, such as COSHH, and procedures to prevent harm to employees. Negligence in responsibilities can lead to staff contracting an industrial disease which could have been avoided.

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Industrial Disease Factors

As a victim of an industrial disease you are entitled to make a compensation claim with Expert Industrial Disease Solicitors. Many people are not aware of the compensation scheme which can support them in their time of need. Although you may already be aware of personal injury claims for industrial disease, you can be reassured in making a claim as your action can protect employees from future harm. It often forces change for the better in the workplace where you have sustained an industrial disease.

Your industrial disease compensation claim with our specialist solicitors will be very different to the many personal injury claims we deal with. It may differ in method and severity. Some are caused by lack of training, inadequate or lack of safety equipment, insufficient testing or poor working surroundings. Whatever the circumstances in your industrial disease, you had expected and deserved to be treated as a valued employee and avoid any damaging effect.

Claim For Industrial Disease

You will need the industrial disease claims specialist solicitor here at 101% Compensation to accurately and effectively build your case for compensation. As you have already decided to claim for your personal injury, you will please to know that you are getting the supreme deal.

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