Medical Injury Compensation

The Medical Negligence Compensation Claim is a specialist field and require knowledge of the healthcare industry to prove negligent practice. Our firm is qualified with expert solicitors in the UK who have the experience in the health industry to deal with a diverse range of medical injury cases.

You may have been injured during your time with a healthcare professional in the UK. You will want to make a compensation claim for medical negligence to compensate for any losses and personal injuries. You want to use 101% Compensation to gain maximum compensation but more than that; you want NO DEDUCTIONS from your awarded compensation amount. You also want the best personal injury solicitors who are highly proficient in pursuing medical injury compensation claims.

What Is A Medical Negligence?

Simply put, medical negligence, which is also known as clinical negligence, is the failure in the duty of care by medically qualified healthcare professionals.

Duty of care is a professional responsibility which is a legal requirement for medical professionals to provide a medical service and treatment in the best possible way for you. Therefore, by law you must receive the best possible care that can be provided. After all, you are entrusting something that is valuable and special to you. Your health! And in some cases, your life is at stake. Hence, you have every right to demand a good medical care no matter who it is; a doctor, dentist or a care worker.

Although, the general standard of care in the UK is reflected as good and you can assume you are in safe hands, the reality shows many cases of submitted medical negligence claims. Reading the newspaper or watching TV often highlight real and awful stories of medical negligence cases in the care of healthcare professionals. With changes in the budget for the medical care profession having an adverse effect on how people are treated, it is not surprisingly to see a rise in medical injury compensation claims.

Not too long ago it was reported that medical injury compensation payouts had increased to almost 40% which makes the total count much over the £1 billion mark. It is no accident that it coincides with the government cuts to medical care over the last few years, hence the rise of clinical claims. Yet, the reality is that it will continue unless an effective contingency plan is implemented.

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Medical Negligence UK Experts

The complexity of medical negligence often deters victims to make a claim. 101% Compensation can assist you with legal advice on making a decision to pursue a medical negligence UK law claim. 101% Compensation is aware of how some medical professionals decide on the course of action based on their own professional opinion rather than conventional measures and can effectively challenge the decision which may have caused the injury in a medical negligence claim.

You may be aware of the tens of thousands of people attending hospitals for various reasons. Each person depends on the medical care and expects to be treated dutifully without any negligence. Unfortunately, not everyone receive this level of service and sustain injuries which they may never recover from or in the worst case scenario lead to death. For this elevated element of risk, an error made by a doctor or medical professional is considered as very serious.

Did you know that there are three factors to consider for a medical negligence claim? They are, proof of actual injury, causation and duty of care.

Your Medical Negligence Outcome

Your next step for a medical injury compensation claim is to keep it simple and let 101% Compensation work for you to tackle every required aspect in substantiating your personal injury. You will appreciate the open communication and the friendly approach in dealing with your case. You know that you are important to us and will be shown empathy for your situation. That is why we understand how distressed you may be when things had gone wrong in the hands of a medical professional.

But 101% Compensation do not want you to be negative about your circumstances. What is there to gain in thinking about your medical injury and not doing anything about it? Is it not better to move forward, be positive and begin your recovery? How about having the compensation award to compensate for your financial losses and to pay for any specialist care that you may need? To turn around your clinical negligence situation into rebuilding your life, 101% Compensation will represent you using the health care expertise and experience in medical negligence examples to get you the rightful outcome you deserve.

Medical Injury Legal Aid

Legal aid is no longer offered for most medical negligence claims since 1 April 2013 when the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 was enforced. There are exemptions to this where legal aid is available for medical injury or negligence claims where there is an element of a neurological harm. Please contact us for further information as individual cases may be bound by other regulations.

Claiming For Medical Negligence

You can select the options below to deal with an exceptional injury compensation solicitor for a medical or a clinical negligence claim:

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