Neck Injury Compensation Claim

A neck injury claim is common for car accidents, fall accidents and at work accidents. The neck is prone to injury due to the soft tissue in the neck which can be easily hurt. The neck plays an important role as the connecting part between the head/brain and the rest of the body. Damage to the neck creates a risk of disturbing the nerves going through the spine which can lead to numbness, spasms or paralysis. Read further down for our simple outlook.

Common Neck Injury

Usually, a neck injury in a car accident claim where the soft tissue in the neck is damaged due to sudden movements of the head and body is referred to as a whiplash injury claim. Our Whiplash Injury Claim Page informs you more about the common soft tissue neck injury. So, if you have experienced a neck injury in a car accident or at work due to sudden movements, then you may find the whiplash injury claim page useful to claim compensation.

Some neck injuries include dislocations or broken bones in the neck and can be overlooked especially if no symptoms are experienced straight after an accident. It is not uncommon for neck injury symptoms to develop much later after the shock of an accident. If you think that you have a neck injury due to an accident that was not your fault; then let 101% Compensation know and a medical assessment will be arranged for you immediately.

Types Of Neck Injury

Although, minor bumps in any type of accident can cause neck injuries, it is important to identify a neck injury. Here are some causes, signs and symptoms to look out for:

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Claiming For A Neck Injury

Many of the neck injury victims do recover over a period of time with little impact to their lives afterwards. However, the more serious neck injuries can have an outcome which can be life changing in respect of health, family life and work. Although, the extent of each neck injury will vary, in most cases the victims are most likely entitled to claim neck injury compensation for their personal injury due to someone else’s negligence.

Simple Outlook of Neck

Your neck is like a motorway full of all kind of vehicles carrying various loads going up or down. The centre of the spinal cord holds the important spinal fluid which transports nutrients through the neck. The nerve system flows through the neck from the brain to all over the body and then there is the muscles that allow you do actions from the neck such as nodding or turning our head.

Did you know that the optic centre of the brain resides just above the back of your neck and extends to the neck? So you can imagine that any serious injury to the neck may affect the vision of an individual. Other things that can be affected are the neck’s ability to remain agile for twisting movements, the ability to relax the neck muscles, the transmission of nerve signals, or neck muscle strain which can stop you from doing simple daily tasks.

Your digestive system can be affected via the Vagus nerve which is linked to the digestive organs. The Vagus nerve goes through the neck and swollen neck muscles can increase the pressure to cause an inconsistent flow. Also, at the back of the neck is where the dural venous sinuses drain and often a little tension in this area can clog up the drain process. This can leave you with long periods of sinus type headaches.

So, it leaves us with no doubt that the neck is important and an injury to that area can have a much more impact than a limb with fewer functions.

100% Neck Injury Claims

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