Our Values And Principles

101% Compensation has determined a definitive analysis of how our service functions. We believe looking at the injury claim service in terms of providing a robust performance and an ethical establishment will deliver to you a firm interlinked by strong values and keeps your best interests a high priority.

Our success is based on these underlying values and principles. A lot of the ethics conduct the way we work with you and our collaborative partners, within our business areas and within the legal team at 101% Compensation. Through our culture we have succeeded to work in a place where ideas are heard, people prosper and goals positively achieved.

We are committed to act with integrity and show respect for diversity of all individuals regardless of their background or ability. We will demonstrate an ethical approach to our clients, the solicitors and the people we are involved with, whether direct or indirect.

We will assume personal accountability for any actions we take and the results we provide. We will give attention to seeking answers and achieving desired outcomes. During discussions with our clients we will actively participate and establish a mutual agreement once a decision is made. Wherever possible we will keep our promises and keep you informed.

Simplicity is a key feature to how we provide a service. We strive to constantly streamline and develop our procedures, practices and activities. As a direct result of this we deal with people and concerns directly and openly.

Your Injury Compensation Claims will be handled by qualified and friendly professionals. We will keep you updated on your case and respond to your enquiries within a reasonable time. We aim to provide an expert and legal service that is easily accessible by email, our online contact form, telephone or in person.

Our Simple Claim Service

  • Provide Injury Details

    All you have to do is just tell us what injury you have and what happened. You can call us or submit an online form.

  • We Work For You

    Once we have all details we need, our expert solicitors will do all the hard work herein to settle your case quickly.

  • Receive Compensation

    Once we have achieved the best outcome for you, you will be informed and a compensation cheque will be sent to you.