Pothole Accident Claim

Pothole accidents are becoming more frequent with councils struggling to keep up with the repairs of the roads, streets and pavements. A pothole can be dangerous and cause a fatal injury. A pothole accident is usually associated with a car or any other vehicle hitting a defect in the road, but it also covers pedestrians tripping over and falling, or cyclists colliding and falling off their vehicle, whether on a cycle or a motorbike.

What causes Potholes?

Potholes are instigated by nature and the margins of road building. Roads are usually constructed in layers, the base with flattened earth and a layer of gravel to drain water. The top layer is asphalt that vehicles travel on. Asphalt has an additional purpose to repel rain and snow so that it is driven to the side of the road and into the drainage system.

Over time the road will eventually crack due to the persistent stresses of traffic and the effect of the sun damage. Rain and snow is able to flow into the cracks of the roads forcing the cracks to widen when the liquid freezes and expand during low temperatures. As the cars continue to drive over the affected areas and put further pressure onto the cracks, the asphalt layer will ultimately collapse and form what most people will recognise as a pothole.

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Responsibility for Potholes

As outlined in the Highways Act, the local council are responsible for the upkeep of the roads and pavements. They must ensure that the roads and pavements are safe to use and free from defects. Repairs to defects must be carried out within a reasonable length of time to prevent a pothole accident.

Your claim for a pothole accident must be supported by as much evidence you can provide. Take a picture of the pothole and to give an idea of the size of the hole, place a common object like a coin next to it. This will help with your pothole compensation claim. Record the details of any witnesses who had seen the accident.

Record Details Of Accident

Sometimes, you may find that the local people can tell you how a pothole has been there. It may be that someone else had suffered an injury or damages to their car or vehicle. All this information may help in your pothole accident claim for maximum compensation which is why we recommend writing down as much as you can for future reference.

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