Pub, Bar & Nightclub Injury Compensation

Nowadays, going to the pubs, bars and nightclubs is a common social event for many people. A lot of these people go out to have good times and often let their hair down after working hard.

However, venues such as pubs, bars and nightclubs can be dangerous and cause injury for many reasons such as:
  • People becoming drunk and aggressive
  • Poor visibility and inadequately lit areas
  • Spilt drinks causing a slip hazard on dance floors or paths
  • Broken glass from dropped drinks
  • Uneven or ridges in the floor
  • Loose cabling from media, lighting or other equipment

Have you suffered an injury from any of the above hazards in a bar, pub or a nightclub? Give us a call on 0800 2922 182 (or use our online claim form) and a specialist solicitor will discuss your legal options with you.

Frequency of Bar and Nightclub Accidents

Bars, pubs and nightclubs are part of the food and drink industry, and according to statistics are four times as likely to have slips, trips and falls accidents as other types of businesses. The common injuries are fractures, head impacts and dislocated bones. The number one cause is slippery surfaces and the dreadful part is that it could have been avoided in the first had the right procedures were in place.

How to Claim Compensation For Your Injury

Having sustained an injury in a pub, bar or a nightclub, it is necessary to establish that you can claim injury compensation. We will assess your case and any related information to determine liability for a successful claim which proves the following factors:

For the owners of bars, pubs or nightclubs that are open to the public, a duty of care is owed to the visitors of their establishments. This means that they should ‘reasonably’, being the legal term, do what they can to protect the public from danger. Any unfortunate mishap is usually covered by the public liability insurance which should be held by companies and owners of public premises to protect the titleholders and the public.

Did you know that alcohol was a particularly predominant factor in violent assaults between strangers? It is established that 64% of such incidents were perceived to be alcohol-related.

Our Simple Claim Service

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Who is to Blame for My Injury?

It is not always the fault of the bar, pub or nightclub if an injury occurs on their premises. Yet, blame can still be established for a number of reasons, for example if:

  • There was an inadequate number of staff employed to deal with potential hazards
  • The flooring was unsuitable which includes being cleaned with incorrect chemicals, or using an inappropriate material to cover high or low traffic areas
  • Insufficient lighting was in place for risky areas, such as stairways
  • There are physical hurdles like boxes lying around
  • Furniture is used that is unsafe or no longer appropriate
  • No protective edges are installed on steps and stairs to avoid slipping and tripping
  • The premises has not been safely modified to provide accessibility for people with disabilities

Criminal Injury

In a bar and nightclub, it is likely that you may have been wrongly assaulted by the door staff (bouncers) or injured by a member of the public. This is a type of injury that you may be able to claim compensation for.

Often, a drunken person can become hostile and start a fight which can harm innocent bystanders. If you have been hurt in this way, then this type of assault can be determined as criminal injury. A claim can be defined from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) provided that you meet certain criteria. Discuss your circumstances with us and we will tell you if a criminal injury claim is viable.

What You Should Do Now

At 101% Compensation, we offer a No Win No Fee service for your pub, bar or nightclub injury claim where you have nothing to pay. The sooner you contact us the quicker we can establish liability on your behalf and provide legal advice to begin the process. We recommend calling us on 0800 2922 182 or using our online forms to liaise with a specialist public liability solicitor to collect the necessary evidence as soon as possible. This must be done before it is too late and the proof or witnesses are no longer available for your pub, bar or nightclub injury claim.

Your Options To Compensation

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