Claim Public Liability Compensation

Places with access open to public must be kept safe and free from hazards as depicted by the Health and Safety Act. Those who own or occupy these types of places have a legal responsibility to prevent injury to anybody or be faced by those who may claim Public Liability Compensation.

It is a rule that is applicable to public places and privately owned properties. This means that places such as newsagents, shops and restaurants are affected as well as property owned by local authorities and councils. Many parks, public footpaths, educational establishments and support centres are usually council owned.

Negligence in Public or Private Places

If you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury in a public place, such as a pub or a nightclub, then you may be liable to claim for public liability compensation; if negligence by the owner or occupier upholding their legal duty can be proven to have caused the injury. Depending on the type of property where the accident has happened the owner or occupier could be held liable for your personal injury.

Public Liability Insurance

The main difference between the public and private compensation claims is the obligation for liability. A private place accident compensation claim would result in claiming against the public liability insurance policy held by the occupier of a privately owned place. This can be a pub, café or a bowling place. If you have suffered a personal injury from an accident in a privately owned place accessible to the public and the occupier is at fault, then take the lawful action to claim compensation.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is designed to protect businesses from their activities that may cause an injury or loss to an employee or a third party. It includes the premises where the business conducts any activity, as well as taking into account of the employee’s residence if work is regularly achieved at home.

The public liability insurance is useful to cover many unfortunate events and the following examples can help to give you an idea of what it can cover:

Exposure in Search Engines

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Level of public liability insurance cover

Whatever the circumstances behind the loss or injury in a public place, it is quite reasonable to assume that the expense of compensation will be generally high. If a business is not able to provide then they could become bankrupt. Public Liability Insurance protects from such eventualities to cover the total of the claim, along with any legal expenses.

Public liability insurance policies have different levels of cover. Many cover the business and the employees against damage to property, whether on work premises or at a client’s place. Personal injury compensation is also covered and has additional aspects to consider. To help you on an individual basis to establish your entitlement to a possible injury claim, contact us for assistance.

Public Place Injury Claim

You can still claim compensation for a personal injury that has occurred in a council owned place if negligence can be proven. This type of public place accident compensation claim would result in a claim against the local authority who should have maintained their responsibility in keeping the public safe and free from the risk of harm.

Whether your accident happened in a public or private place, you will need to let 101% Compensation review the factors involved in your injury to identify if you have a case to claim compensation for. You may have a question regarding your accident and want a no obligation answer from 101% Compensation. You can make it happen by choosing to do one of the following:

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