Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

You or someone you know may have repetitive strain injury. It is often referred to as work related upper limb disorder depending on the type of strain.

Repetitive strain injury claims can cover many conditions over a wide range which include carpal tunnel syndrome and frozen shoulder, and is also associated with job roles that use a keyboard. Although many different types of work can cause repetitive strain injury, it is important to note that work can aggravate the repetitive strain injury.

Causes Of Repetitive Strain Injury

Here are some examples of where repetitive strain injury can worsen: constant use of vibrating or juddering tools and equipment; repetitive tasks involving movements similar to packing boxes; long periods of working at a computer; heavy lifting and handling; and holding a phone to your ear over long periods.

The expression repetitive strain injury is usually referred to the mutilation of the soft tissues affected by a repetitive movement or impact. The affected area may indirectly cause a strain to other body parts such a nerve or muscle which you may dismiss as another condition. This is the reason why it is important to see a medical professional for a comprehensive diagnosis of repetitive strain injury which 101% Compensation can arrange for you.

Impact Of Repetitive Strain Injury

Symptoms of repetitive strain injury include numbness, weakness, dull or sharp pains, prickling sensations and reduction in agility. These can develop in various parts of your body which depends on the type of work you do. There are many cases of repetitive strain injury where the common limbs affected are the hands, arms, wrists, fingers, feet and legs. However, you may be able to claim compensation for an injury no matter where it is located.

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Liability For Repetitive Strain Injury

To reduce or eliminate the impact of repetitive strain injury, your employer is legally liable for implementing procedures to protect employees from health and safety issues. They must carry out risk assessments to identify possible hazards and follow with appropriate actions to sustain their responsibility to their employees. You may be liable to claim compensation for repetitive strain injury if your employer has failed in their duty to protect you from the risk of repetitive strain injury.

Claiming For Repetitive Strain Injury

You now know a little more about repetitive strain injury which gives you a clearer view of what it is about. If you have or are suffering from repetitive strain injury and want to claim your rightful compensation for your losses and expenses, then take action. Evidently, a lot more information can be given regarding your injury and as every person’s case is individual, you are recommended to contact 101% Compensation for a more specific advice with no obligations. You can contact or deal with a personal injury specialist solicitor through one of the following options:

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