Scaffolding Injury Claim

A building site with scaffolds is regarded as a hazardous area where a lot of different and dangerous tools and equipment are used. Various sections of a construction site will draw its own risks depending on what is in the vicinity. Many regard scaffolding as a reasonably dangerous place to work on due to the greater consequences of falling from a higher place and statistics show the number of scaffolding accidents are increasing.

Who Regulates Scaffolding?

The Health and Safety Executive acknowledges the perils increased by the use of scaffolding and have in response implemented legal restrictions in their use. A full list can be obtained from their website. One of the things it does highlight is that only certain people can erect, use and dismantle scaffolding. Anyone in breach of this may be responsible for any accidents, whether fatal or minor.

A scaffolding collapse is usually a sign of incompetence or negligence. Have you been injured due to a scaffolding incident?

Although many employers are following the legislations in place for scaffolding, it is claimed that there are still people who do get injured on scaffolding because of some form of negligence. Often it is the failure to appoint an authorised person to erect the scaffolding, or an omission of safety checks.

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Sacffolding Negligence

If as a scaffolder you have been injured in a scaffolding accident at work and if you feel that you were not at fault then you may be able to claim compensation. This will also give your employer to correct the procedures surrounding scaffolding to prevent further accidents. Your claim will reimburse you of any financial losses as a result of your injury and take into account of loss of earnings, treatment bills and purchase of any necessary equipment.

It is important to understand that any scaffolding claim will be eligible for compensation if negligence can be proved. This means demonstrating that any person responsible, as outlined by the Health and Safety Executive, for the scaffolding has been neglectful in their duty. This is no simple task as all factors of the law have to be considered.

There is an easier way by making a scaffolding claim with our experienced injury solicitors. We will ensure that you win your case and get our guaranteed 101% compensation. We can advise you if you are unsure of any aspect of your scaffolding accident. Select an option below to begin your claim.

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