Spinal Cord Injury Compensation Claims

Spinal cord injury can render a person in a state of disbelief and can have a devastating effect on their future financially, socially and with their lifestyle. This will also claim concern amongst the loved ones and others who are close to the individual whether personally or from work. The spinal cord injury may have been sudden and unforeseen, leaving the victim uncertain of the future as not many people are familiar of a spinal cord injury. This can lead to a spiral of psychological problems and is not a pleasant place to experience.

The chances of surviving a spinal cord injury are getting better with recent improvements in the treatment and technology behind the therapy. However, some spinal cord injuries can be fatal and cause a permanent disability. This is why it is crucial that you choose 101% Compensation who specialise in understanding the many elements of a spinal cord injury and ensure the right actions are taken to begin recovery and therapy for a better chance in life.

Identify Spinal Cord Injury

You must appreciate the two types of spinal cord injury that exists. The first one is partial and affects people differently according to the extent of injury sustained. For example, a person who has a partial spinal cord injury may be able to experience more feeling in one limb than the other, or control movement in one limb more than the other limb.

A Serious Spinal Injury Claim

The complete spinal cord injury is a much more serious injury. Usually, below the point of spinal cord injury there is no function whereby sensation is no longer experienced or there is lack of control in movement. This kind of complete spinal cord injury may consist of some sort of paralysis. So, as you may already be aware, spinal cord injury can be a very grave encounter and pleads for careful consideration.

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The Expert Spinal Cord Injury Solicitors

Whichever is the case for you as a spinal cord injury victim, then you are going to require our proficient specialist claims solicitor to provide you with the best help you need. You will appreciate how attention is given to how you feel and those around you; the care and equipment you need imminently, the urgency in your financial situation including your loss of earnings, and your mobility issues. Your compensation for your spinal injury claim will reflect on, not just your actual injury but, the wider impact it has in your life so that you get the maximum reimbursement you are entitled to.

You know that the injury was not your fault and you are a victim to negligence. So, what do you do now? Take the step to claim 100% Compensation and get 1% EXTRA for your spinal cord injury with NO DEDUCTIONS from your Compensation Amount.

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