Accident in Supermarket Claims

A slip in the local supermarket can cause injury. The level of injury will depend on how and where you fall. Commonly, a slippage left unattended in an aisle is the cause of an accident with no nearby warning signage. An injury is far worse if a person falls and hits the corner of a product or a permanent fixture.

Did you know that if you had an accident in a supermarket, then injury is claimed through the Occupiers Liability Claim?

The Occupiers' Liability Act 1957 and 1984 imposes a duty of care on occupiers for visitors that enter their premises. It protects the visitors and ensures that they are safe. The difference in the two legislations is that the following act is designed for unauthorised visitors, e.g. trespassers.

An injury compensation claim for a slip, trip or fall in a supermarket will obviously refer to the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 where it deals with permitted visitors on an occupier’s premises.

Who Is Responsible?

The person or the people largely in charge of the premises are recognised as the occupiers. Where the property is rented, the landlord is recognised for having a duty of care to provide a safe property, whether he stays in the premises or not. The tenant is also responsible for certain aspects of the premises to ensure that any lawful visitors are safe upon visiting.

In a supermarket, companies like Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury, have overall control of their premises and for the purpose of a slip compensation claim in a supermarket, liability is usually straight forward.

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Supermarket Liability for Injury Claims

Sometimes, it is possible for supermarkets to avoid liability if they can demonstrate a suitable system of health and safety checks is in place. It has to be confirmed that the supermarket has taken all practical steps for cleaning and inspecting their premises for a safe environment. A supermarket with a proven and robust system can evade liability for a slippage injury.

As part of the inspection system, it is expected that frequent hourly inspections should be carried out under a clean as you go scheme. Employees are trained to observe for any spillage and take action accordingly whilst doing their normal tasks. This scheme is usually upheld in front of most judges.

Unfortunately, where an injury or a slippage has occurred, it is likely that an inspection system has not been adhered to or is simply not in place. This can establish that the occupier has been negligent in their duty of care and be held accountable.

Supporting a Supermarket Injury Claim

Whenever there is an accident in store of a supermarket, a report is recorded. This is used as evidence to support an injury claim. However, it is useful to investigate whether a cleaning company is contracted to the supermarket where an injury was sustained and how often do they clean the store. Other information such the length of time spent in store and the number of cleaning duties performed can be worthwhile to present a strong case.

We understand the expected procedures of a supermarket and can compare to what is actually happening through access to official records of accident reports and the inspection system documents. This line of pursuit is a common one for a supermarket claim, yet our expert compensation solicitors is able to respond effectively to a range of other defensive tactics. How is this possible?

Having successfully completed many shop claims for injuries over a number of years it is inevitable that we have gained more experience and have become knowledgeable in this relevant sector. This level of expertise is shared between our solicitors and ensures that we offer the best representation for your supermarket compensation claim.

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