Unfair Dismissal Compensation Claim

Unfair dismissal does happen and may have happened to you. You could have been dismissed from work verbally by your employer or/and maybe with a written confirmation.

An unfair dismissal compensation case has to prove that a dismissal has actually taken place. In some circumstances, a misunderstanding can lead to a person thinking that they are being dismissed, when in fact it is not the case. At 101% Compensation Claims, it is imperative that there is clarity in each claim we handle which will mean asking some obvious questions. You will appreciate how this type of communication demonstrates a holistic approach in building a smoother and practical compensation process for you.

Constructive Dismissal Claim

A relationship between an employer and an employee can be demoralised if the employer acts in an inappropriate manner, or go against the company policies and procedures. An affected employee may be within his or her rights to resign under a constructive dismissal basis. However, each employee claim is individual and benefits from a detailed discussion, with our expert unfair dismissal solicitors, to establish a valid entitlement and to tailor a customised claim for constructive dismissal.

Our Specialities

  • Medical Negligence

    A medical negligence is not always easy to establish. If things have not gone quite right for you then tell us about it.

  • Industrial Diseases

    If you feel that you have been exposed to harmful substances at your work, you may get Industrial Disease compensation.

  • Asbestos Claims

    Our qualified solicitors can advise you if your lung cancer is the result of asbestos exposure which you can claim for.

Present Claim to Employment Tribunal

If you have been unfairly dismissed from work or feel that you had to leave work due to mitigating circumstances, then you may have an unfair dismissal or a constructive dismissal case to claim for through the Employment Tribunal. Contact 101% Compensation Claims to see if you qualify and meet the criteria for presenting a claim. It is understandable that each case will have to be assessed on its own features and circumstances.

Compensation Claim for Unfair Dismissal

Other the other hand, you may require legal assistance to support in settling the details of your leaving arrangements from work and a redundancy package. Whatever your needs are, at 101% Compensation Claims, you will get expert legal advice and the professional representation to establish a successful compensation claim for unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal.

Your Options To Compensation

  • Submit Claim For Assistance

    All you have to do is just tell us some details of what and where it happened so that we help you understand your rights.

  • Request A Callback

    Often in some injury cases it can be difficult to explain in writing so we give you the chance to talk by calling you upon request.

  • Contact For Claim Information

    Enquire online by using our contact form about any questions you may have about your compensation or a related issue.