Work Accident Compensation Claim

With over 590 thousand workers experiencing an accident at work in 2011/12 and with more than 24 thousand major injuries reported, a substantial number of people are affected by injuries at work. It is a growing concern for the management of over 350 thousand absences and for many employees; there is an effect on their financial situation.

Health & Saftey At Work

A closer inspection reveals the struggle in employers abiding to the Health and Safety Act with over 600 prosecutions by the Health and Safety Executive. Many work accidents are compounded with procedures and regulations which can distort the right to claim compensation for a personal injury at work. Clearly, the law states that if you have been involved in a work accident due to negligence of somebody else, then you are most likely entitled to claim compensation for a work injury, also known as a work accident compensation claim.

It is a legal duty of an employer to make arrangements, as stressed by the Health and Safety Act, in reducing the possibilities of an accident occurring at the work place. Actions must also be taken to prevent injury or a work accident for the employees.

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    A medical negligence is not always easy to establish. If things have not gone quite right for you then tell us about it.

  • Industrial Diseases

    If you feel that you have been exposed to harmful substances at your work, you may get Industrial Disease compensation.

  • Asbestos Claims

    Our qualified solicitors can advise you if your lung cancer is the result of asbestos exposure which you can claim for.

Reporting Work Accidents

An accident at work should always be reported and noted in the official accident record book. A company with less than ten employees may not have an accident report book. It is advised that the employer is informed of the work accident, the circumstances surrounding the incident and the injuries sustained. This is necessary to prove negligence, where applicable, in failure to take reasonable precautions to prevent danger or injury.

Repercussions Of A Work Accident

Typically, people are advised to get their statutory sick pay if they will be taking time off due to a work accident. This is limited to so many days, after which you can claim for other benefits. However, on most occasions the benefits do not total up to the sum of your wage. There will be a shortfall of your income due to your work accident injury. To remedy the situation, many rightfully resort to claiming compensation for their work accident to enable a source of income to survive the unfortunate stage of their life.

Claiming For Work Injury

Unfortunately, an accident in the workplace may have happened to you since you are reading this page. You can claim a work accident compensation for your accident or injury at work for all aspects of your pain and suffering. The initial personal injury and the more lasting injury can be claimed for, along with compensation for other expenses and losses incurred due to the work accident. This includes; loss of earnings, specialist equipment, travel expenses, medical treatments and importantly, the disadvantage suffered in securing work.

101% Compensation strive to claim the maximum work compensation for a work accident wherever it may happen. It can happen in a restaurant kitchen, factory, hospital, school or office and it occurs to people in different professions such as site supervisors, window cleaners, and on a serious note, clowns.

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Hazards At Work

A work accident can happen in various situations but there is always a reason behind it. It is not uncommon to hear about other workers not being careful, items left unsupervised, reckless operation of equipment, lack of concentration, inadequate safety gear, ignoring cracked glass and many others. In particular, a work accident can inflict harmful injuries to those who operate defective or dangerous machinery, use incorrect lifting of heavy objects, and not wear intended safety gear at construction work sites or working too close to glass. Talking of glazing, often companies neglect to install proper fire safety glass as per H&S legislation. It is advised to use reputable glaziers, such as Bolton Glass Fix to ensure that the correct glass is used to reduce the risk of breaking.

Slips & Trips At Work

Slips and trips are the most repeated accidents which happen at work in the UK even though it is one of the simplest type of accident you can avoid. This type of accident can be avoided by using common sense. Employer should have carried out a risk assessment which checks for any trip or slip hazards to prevent a work accident.

A massive number of people around the world think the result of a slip or trip accident is a minor injury, but in fact can cause a serious injury such as broken bones, deep lacerations and concussion. Some injuries can be even more serious and in some uncommon cases can cause brain injuries and fatalities. If you have suffered a trip or slip in a work accident, then you may be entitled to claim work accident compensation to recompense for your losses.

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